Our partners and networks

The ZDH is our central partner in Germany. The ZDH supports the craft sector in development cooperation and international vocational training, as through our Skilled Crafts project.

The EZ Scouts advise German companies on development cooperation, with a focus on instruments and approaches of government development cooperation. Currently, there are EZ Scouts at the ZDH, the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt-Rhine-Main and the Chamber of Foreign Trade Bavaria.

The global business network informs and advises companies on the promotion, financing and cooperation offers of development cooperation. It promotes the ideas of local and German companies and supports them in developing and implementing concrete projects. In addition, the network links actors from the private sector and development cooperation.

In about 30 countries the ExperTS advise companies on development policy issues. Priority areas are sustainable economic development, energy and environment, vocational training, digitalisation and start-ups.

Creating Perspectives has a clear objective for East Africa: to develop local businesses in order to create job prospects. Together with the East African Business Council (EABC) and the Federation of German Industry (BDI), they promote German-African economic partnerships within industry.

The Frankfurt-Rhine-Main Chamber of Crafts is an important partner for the further training of German craftspeople. The chamber offers the International Master Craftsman Training . In addition, an EZ Scout is active in the Chamber of Crafts.

The Chamber of Crafts Swabia is another important partner for the further training of German craftspeople. The chamber offers the Specialist for International Cooperation .

SEQUA offers expertise in chamber and association promotion, vocational training and trade promotion for programmes and projects in development cooperation. SEQUA and Skilled Crafts work together on topics that are important for the German and African private sector in development cooperation.