Course: E-learning "Fit 4 Africa"

The German E-Learning Course "Fit 4 Africa" gives you insight into the most important topics that you will encounter as a craftsperson working abroad in development. The course gives you an orientation into development work in Africa as a craftsperson, and you can also go deeper into the individual topics via the links. The seven modules can also be worked on independently. The entire training takes about four hours, so you should allow around 30 minutes per module.

Those who complete all modules receive a certificate. You can see what you can expect from the course in the short video:

Module 1 - Basics of development cooperation

  • Development cooperation - what is that?
  • Aims, instruments and concepts of development cooperation
  • Ministries, organisations and actors of development cooperation
  • Practical examples for skilled crafts and trades

Module 2 - Intercultural skills

  • Other countries, other customs
  • Different aspects of culture
  • One's own culturally determined behaviour
  • Dealing with cultural differences

Module 3: Vocational education and training rarely works as it does in Germany: is everything different?

  • Overview of the different vocational training systems worldwide
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the individual systems

Module 4: Projects - what role would I play in them?

  • Projects in development cooperation
  • Example of a project planning instrument
  • Project work in practice

Module 5: Me as a trainer - what does that mean for me?

  • Planning and implementation of training in development cooperation
  • Basics of adult education
  • Roles of trainers

Module 6: Me as a consultant - what is my role?

  • Roles of consultants
  • Technical versus process consulting
  • Consulting Methods

Module 7: What is the next step - How can I get involved?

  • Applications and contacts for international assignments
  • Contracts in development cooperation
  • Preparation for international assignments