As a Development Project

Why skilled crafts and trades?

In many African countries the economy is growing rapidly and the labour market is changing just as quickly. Cooperation between the private sector and vocational education and training is an important element in this process. Countries can only go pave their own way and successfully leverage economic potential with well-trained specialists for their skilled crafts and trades sector

"The Skilled Crafts Project gives me the opportunity to actively work with local people to find joint solutions to improve their living conditions through skilled crafts and trades. Education is the way out of poverty - of that I am absolutely convinced. Learning a craft or trade immediately enables people to help themselves."

Manfred Becker

What do our craftspeople and experts have to offer?

People who work in the skilled crafts and trades sector on a daily basis have both expertise from the private sector and understand practical vocational training the best! Many of our craftspeople have their own businesses, with years of business management, others are active in technical skills training centres, and others work with and/or in associations. Thus, topics such as process planning, construction, management, training, and further education are already part of their expertise. With additional training courses we help to ensure craftspeople are "fit" for development cooperation (for example through Language Skill Development, targeted Short trainings for the preparation for an assignment, or through extensive further training courses such as the training for the International Master from the HWK Frankfurt-Rhine-Main).

Well equipped and prepared, our craftspeolpe then pass on their knowledge, make new contacts, manage joint projects, and often lay the foundation for a long-term partnership with local players in Africa. In this way, African companies, vocational training centres and associations in various crafts and trades receive practical expertise and concrete advice. And, that knowledge transfer and further education are key to development is something that we are convinced by.

We can establish and support the contact between your development project and skilled craftspeople. So if you have a need for expertise from the skilled crafts and trades sector, Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you!

"During my short-term assignment in a vocational training centre in Kampala, I stood directly next to a trainee on the newly built roof. He looked at our work and said: "Thanks to you we can now build these roofs more quickly and more cheaply with simple means. No one else here can do it." This is the biggest success for me!"

Michael Lenk