As German Craftspeople

There are many opportunities for German craftsmen to become active in development cooperation. On this page you will find information and examples of how you can work together with our project. Further opportunities and perspectives are presented on the page Examples of cooperation. In addition, we have an overview of potential clients/contracting authorities for craftpeoples' expertise for development cooperation in the brochure New perspectives: Skilled Crafts and Trades Shape Development (german only).



The beginnings...

Development cooperation as a German craftsperson starts with the matching process. You apply for a current opportunity, where there is a need for your expertise. To ensure that you are optimally prepared for an application and that you get a good "match", it is worth taking a look at the website Further training . Templates and examples of applications for GIZ development projects can be found in our Crafts Forum (after registration). If there are no current job offers that matches with your expertise, it is still worthwhile to get in Contact Us - maybe we still have something for you! If you have any further questions you can also contact our team turn around.


Orientation and initiation...

Visiting wood processing plants in Rwanda
And already at the construction site...

We offer matching trips, which are mostly based on a specific Trade in a specfic Country . Together with other craftspeople you visit various companies, associations, and/or training centres. In this way, we make that first contact possible, allowing you to start your conversation with the African partners. In the course of a matching trip you will also gain first insights into and experiences within development cooperation. Although it is by no means obligatory to take part in a matching trip, they are often the first step towards a short-term assignment or a further partnership with a local company, association, and/or training centre.


On the road as a short-term expert...

As a short-term expert, you will work for vocational training centres, associations, and/or companies in Africa. The assignment can be carried out on site, digitally or in a hybrid format. We distinguish the assignments as follows: fact finding missions, consultancies, and trainings.

Fact Finding Missions

The purpose of a fact finding mission is to better understand the specific local situation of a particular sector in certain companies, associations, and/or vocational training centres. The aim is also to better determine the need for expertise from the skilled crafts and trades sector. A fact finding mission is usually carried out on site, as this often provides the best insight into the actual and current situation.


A consultancy is always tailored to meet the needs of the company, association or vocational skills training centre. The aim of consultancy is to provide the partners with the know-how and skills they need to master the challenges they face independently, and to advance their companies or organisations.


A training serves to improve vocational education at company and/or school level. Whether practical, theoretical or both - this is development cooperation in action!

Consultancies and trainings are always geared to the needs of the partner, and can take place digitally, in-person, or in a hybrid format. Our aim is always to use your expertise in a targeted manner. Do you run your own business? Do you train craftspeople in your company? Are you active in a training centre? Are you involved in association work (chambers, guilds, etc.)? Your specific expertise and individual experience are certainly in demand! To successfully complete a short-term assignment, it is also worthwhile to use our further training. Our Crafts Forum offers a great platform to get tips, tricks and further information from craftspeople who have already carried out short-term assignments

On the road on site
learning by doing
Understanding electrics
Successful project completion
A participant of a matching trip to Uganda

Would you like to know more? Click either on the picture or on the description to find out more about the short-term mission. Many examples are currently only available in German, so please bear with us in the meantime!


Long-term cooperation...

"More than a Chair" - Mansuli Senyondo and Josef Kramhöller
Work on the model house House of Africa
Eve Zalwango in your workshop

In order to link the African and German economy even more sustainably, we support company and learning partnerships. The range of existing partnerships is wide! There are partnerships which are a kind of mentoring, as with Orsine Mieland and Eve Zalwango in the wood sector. Other partners cooperate with each other through joint craft projects. This is the case with a team of German craftspeople in different trades, who together with the St. Simon Peter's Vocational Training Centre in Uganda, designed and built a model house. The partnership continues today. Another example of a partnership that we support is the team of Josef Kramhöller and Mansuli Senyondo, who together developed a chair that is now manufactured and sold in both companies. In some partnerships there are also return visits, internships and hospitations of the African craftspeople in Germany. As you can see, partnerships are flexible and there is plenty of room for creativity! We create the basic conditions and support where we can. Our crafts fund is another good contact point for financial support of partnerships, especially for innovative ideas and projects.

Would you like to know more? Then read for example the interview in our 07/2020 Newsletter of Mansuli Senyondo and Eve Zalwango. Mansuli from Mayondo Engineering Works entered into a partnership with the carpenter Josef Kramhöller in October 2018. Eve Zalwango and her company V Interiors have been working with Orsine Mieland, a German carpenter, since the beginning of 2019. You can find the interview here.


Implementing innovative ideas...

In the course of short-term assignments, new ideas often arise as to how craftsmen from different trades can combine their strengths and implement further development projects. We can provide support in the planning and implementation, as we did for the construction of a model house for the St. Simon Peter's vocational training school in Uganda. In this project, craftspeople and students from different trades in Germany and Uganda came together to build the "House of Africa". Craft projects can be financially supported by the Crafts Fund and can of course also be part of a partnership.

Take a look at the video of the House of Africa:

Video report on the construction of the House of Africa in Hoima, Uganda


Promotion of trade fairs...

Trade fair promotion is also an important aspect of our work. We promote the visit of African companies to trade fairs (in Africa as well as in Germany). Do you have expertise and experience in organising trade fairs or would you like to learn more? Then send us an email here: Contact Us.

7. Hosting an Intern

African craftspeople in German companies...

It is possible to host African craftspeople as a German company. The topic interests you? Then why not contact our team to find out more.


Building you network...

Network meeting in Bonn

Part of our work is to build a network of craftspeople and experts who are involved in development cooperation. This includes an annual network meeting for German craftspeople and experts who work with us. Also in our digital Crafts Forum there is a lively exchange on various topics and questions related to crafts, trades, and development. We also offer a wide variety of events (online and in person). To find out what's going on right now, take a look at our website under Events and subscribe to our Newsletterto be always up to date.


We particularly support women in the crafts and trades sector, both in Germany and Africa. Often there are gender-specific challenges for African craftswomen and African business owners. When German craftswomen and experts meet African craftswomen and experts, this opens up new perspectives for positive and effective cooperation. We are always looking for women in the crafts and trades sector who would like to work with us as trainers, consultants, mentors, or as participants in a matching trip. Are you active as a woman in the craft trades? Then please get in Contact Us, we would like to hear from you!

I participate in the Skilled Crafts Project to share my knowledge and make a difference. At the same time I have the opportunity to broaden my horizon. I learn something new every day and have made many new friends on the other side of the world. As a woman in the skilled crafts and trades sector, it is especially important to me to strengthen other women and show them what they can achieve.

- Tanja Neumann, master glazer & occupational safety specialist


An online training on the subject of price calculation

Since the Corona pandemic, we have been working digitally more and more. We see digital approaches as an opportunity, and will increasingly support and expand online and hybrid cooperation formats.


At current opportunities on our website you will find a wide range of opportunities to become involved in development cooperation as a craftsperson or expert from the sector. However, the list may not be fully complete. So if you cannot find a job or assignment that appeals to you, simply Contact Usus. We are always looking forward to a phone call or an e-mail from anyone interested in development cooperation and the promotion of skilled crafts and trades!